Bring Your Outdoor Living Areas to Life with These Amazing Ideas

Bring Your Outdoor Living Areas to Life with These Amazing Ideas

Outdoor living areas have become very popular in recent years. Many southern California homeowners have swimming pools with immaculate decks, barbecue pits or fire pits, flower gardens that run the entire length of their lawns, full outdoor kitchens, outdoor dining areas… You get the idea. We tend to love the great outdoors here in SoCal! Make sure to keep your outdoor living areas updated and looking sharp with some of these ideas.

Color, Color, Color

People who love the outdoors generally love the varying colors that nature provides. Flowering plants are available in a very wide variety of sizes. Add some color to your outdoor living areas by choosing the height of the plant you’d like and then the color. That may be a little confusing, so let’s break it down. Let’s say your outdoor dining area is on a flat patio with no real definition of area. You could use a variety of potted plants to create a colorful wall to separate that area from the rest of your landscaping. Choose tall plants in a dark color to create the illusion of a wall, and finish off the look with small plants in long planters.

Hard Structures

Wooden, marble, brick, block, or rock structures create amazing centerpieces and provide the ability to increase the amount of greenery in your landscape design. Here are a few examples:

  • A pergola provides shade while allowing you to include a vine such as a grape vine or wisteria.
  • A gazebo provides additional seating in a shaded area, and you may include half-walls around the sides to house planters or vines.
  • A brick or rock fire pit is a wonderful centerpiece.
  • Create multiple layers in your landscaping with rock, brick, or cement. This idea involves the use of raised gardens for more planting possibilities.


Don’t call the evening finished simply because the sun goes down and the bugs come out to play… and bite. Use outdoor lighting in strategic places to provide light while attracting bugs away from your family or guests. Landscape lighting has the ability to transform a dark outdoor area into an amazing, magical, nighttime wonderland.

Hidden Nooks

Use plants and structures to create defined areas and hidden nooks for extra privacy the way you do inside the home. You may have a special little reading nook in your home where you can escape for hours with a good book; take that very same idea outdoors so you can enjoy your book while you enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the feel of nature.

For Children

Everyone loves a beautifully manicured, perfectly landscaped area – except children. Kids tend to be pretty destructive around flowering plants, even when they think they’re helping. Little ones often want to pick someone they love a fresh flower bouquet… from the perfectly designed flower garden. Our advice to homeowners with children is to create an area in which your child(ren) can learn about the environment and the ecosystem without creating havoc in other areas.

For Pets

Pets don’t understand the human desire to dig in the dirt, burry toys that taste funny, and then leave them forever. That just doesn’t make good sense. They want to dig in the dirt. And dig some more. Burry some toys or snacks, and come back later to dig them up. Create that heavenly oasis for your pets so they don’t unintentionally destroy your area. Separate their destructive area from your designed area by using a gate – that you can hide with tall plants and mask with flowers.


Regardless of what you do with your landscape, please always keep in mind that if your child(ren) or pet(s) destroy something – it will likely grow back. Look at each mishap as simply a way to improve your landscape design. If you’d like to brainstorm with us and request a consultation, please feel free to call any time. We have experience designing landscapes for people with varying types of household needs.