Hire a Landscape Architect for Your Commercial Landscape

Hire a Landscape Architect to Design Your Corporate Landscape

Corporate landscapes require a great deal of time in order to achieve perfection. You must take several factors into consideration before breaking ground. My blog normally focuses on commercial and residential landscape design, but today I decided to focus primarily on corporate landscaping. I’d like to touch on the importance of creating an inviting environment on a corporate level while maintaining a professional appearance.

Your corporate office must maintain a certain level of professionalism while incorporating works of art, greenery, and water features. Let’s take a look at these specific features first.

  • Works of Art: You may not realize it right away, but art is everywhere. Think, for a moment, about how many statues you pass on your way to work every day, or the number of sculptures that are neatly displayed on the lawn at the local college campus. Artwork is an absolute must in a corporate environment.
  • Greenery: Perfectly manicured grass, trees, and colorful flowers create an inviting appeal and help put clients and potential clients at ease. Plants must be incorporated into client areas if you intend to woo your clients.
  • Water Features: A park-like atmosphere with water features creates a sense of relaxation and inspiration. Inspiration is extremely important in a corporate atmosphere where things can get to stressful without a moment’s notice.

Clients and potential clients form their initial impression of your corporation based on a few telephone calls before their first visit to your location. That first impression is either confirmed or brought to question by the exterior appearance of your offices. Everyone understands the ages-old adage; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your first impression is a lasting impression.

The Effects of Landscaping on Productivity

Several studies have shown that indoor plants boost employee productivity and creativity. Employees who have the ability to step outside and unwind for 20 minutes at a time return to their desks with a renewed vigor. Just a few moments away from the stress of everyday life boosts their creativity and productivity by as much as 40%. Take that idea a step further and consider the affect immaculate landscaping will have on your corporate partners and potential clients.

Corporate Landscaping in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home base to many of the world’s leading corporations. A lot of business transactions take place in the city on a daily basis. Let me show you how I can design a landscape for your corporate office that will increase overall productivity while creating a visually stunning piece of landscape art.

Call Robinson Environment Designs to schedule a consultation today. We have recently been named one of Los Angeles’ top five landscape architects; with credentials like that, we must be doing something right.