How to Address the Elements of Landscape Architectural Design

How to Address the Elements of Landscape Architectural Design

A landscape architect must take many factors into consideration before even putting pencil to paper for the first sketch. We consider the existing landscape, year-round weather patterns, which plant types would thrive in the area, ways that we can really make a difference in how the homeowner views their property, and much more. Today I want to address some of the elements of landscape architectural design, and how we address them.


Proper scaling involves taking the size of surrounding structures into consideration. Large structures allow for, or often require, the use of large plants in order to achieve a well-balanced effect. A balanced area will use a wide variety of large-to-small plants and design elements.


Linear patterns direct the movement in which our eyes travel. We use varying types of plants and shrubs to create natural patterns that invite movement toward specific areas. A walking path, for example, may end at a seating area, or a nice comfortable lounging area in the shade. The use of signs becomes unnecessary when you let nature do the talking for you.


Man-made textures often complement nature’s textures perfectly. Paving stones, tile, or stamped concrete are often used to create a balance of textures that add to the atmosphere of your landscaped area.


Like textures, form may be expressed with the use of manmade textures or structures. A pergola, for example, may be used to create a shady area while simultaneously creating an additional area for growth and life. Many woody vines thrive on a pergola including, grapes, wisteria, and trumpet vines.


Landscaping gives you the opportunity to add as much, or as little, color to your surroundings as you wish. A business owner may choose to use colors that are commonly used in their logo or marketing material, where a homeowner may choose to use their favorite colors or types of flowers. Someone who is very eclectic and enjoys a variety of colors may choose to use every possible color available to them to really create a uniquely landscaped area.


Landscape architectural design is full of choices. Life would be boring if every home looked the same and every landscaped area was identical, after all. Our individuality is what makes us who we are, and the more we can express that individuality through the surroundings which are in our control, the more colorful, lively, and beautiful the world will be.

Landscape Architectural Design in Southern California

Here at Robinson Environmental Design, we take your individuality into consideration as one of our deciding factors when we’re designing your landscape. We don’t want your yard to look like your neighbor’s yard, and neither do you. Your primary reason for hiring a landscape architectural designer is so that your lawn will look amazing. We’re homeowners, too, so we understand the desire to make your home and landscaped areas the envy of the neighborhood. Call us any time to schedule a consultation.