Is “Curb Appeal” Still Important If You’re Not Selling Your House?

Well, as landscape designers and those who appreciate a beautiful garden, we’d say yes, of course. An attractive exterior to a home is a thing all itself, and has its benefits regardless of whether you are thinking of selling your home, or planning to live there for the next few decades.

Two story home with little curb appeal

Nice, neat… and very blah. Low curb appeal quotient.

Increasing curb appeal for home sale is one of the main reasons for people seeking front yard landscape design ideas, or, more likely, hiring a professional to “stage” the home. Yet, there are many other reasons to pay attention to how your home appears from the street—and some of them have nothing at all to do with home sales.

Here, below, are just a few of the main reasons to pay attention to your home’s front yard landscaping and street view.

A Safety Measure

Some regions have been hard hit by foreclosures and other problems—sometimes leaving properties unoccupied. As a result, any property that even looks like it might be unoccupied is likely to be one of the first ones a thief or someone looking for shelter will target. Keeping your lawn well-cut, bushes trimmed, walkways cleared and clean is more than about your property or rental home being pretty—it’s about its being safe.


Making your home as attractive as possible on the outside does help attract buyers—but it also helps attract good neighbors. People looking to buy a home not only look at the one they are interested in, they look at the neighborhood itself, and how it is kept. Attractive homes increase the possibility that that new neighbors will also be committed to home upkeep—which benefits everyone, in a number of ways.

Same house, after design.

What a difference landscape design makes! High curb appeal quotient


The last thing you want, when considering curb appeal, though, is a cookie-cutter home. That’s the main advantage of really seeking out good landscape design for your front yard or estate entrance—the ability to stand out from the crowd, to make your own splash. Personalization means that whether you love brilliant colors, or prefer a more subdued palate, your home is a reflection of your likes and dislikes, and is as individual as you are.

When it comes to creating landscapes with curb appeal, you could say that many Los Angeles landscape designers are experts. Between the housing markets, those keeping up appearances, and those who need to impress, landscape design in Los Angeles can be a very satisfactory challenge. If you’re struggling with your landscape, no matter where you are, though, feel free to leave us a comment or question, and we’ll be happy to answer.