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What we do?

We strive to create an outdoor lifestyle with our landscape design.
Why Choose Us?

                                        Two Highly Regarded Options

We have two highly regarded options.
We use these options to design outdoor spaces suitable to your lifestyle.
R.E.D is not limited to a specific style. Our designs include: Hardscape Design
Xeriscape Design, Estate Garden Planning, plant selection consultations, water features and fire pits.

Design Consultation

A Design consultation will feature design quick sketches of ideas (Not to Scale) with the best possible solution for the areas of focus in your garden design. We thrive to create an organic process that allows you to take part in the design process. This is the perfect solution for homeowners who have a limited budget, weekend warriors, DIY.
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Design Packages

Our design package includes a plan view design concept, two elevations, irrigation, lighting plans. We select plants after a complimentary visit to the nursery with our landscape architect. For homeowners, who have a significant investment, this is the perfect package.
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