Transform Your Landscape into an Architectural Work of Art

Transform Your Landscape into an Architectural Work of Art

The area surrounding your home says a lot about you. One glance gives passersby a feeling that they know the type of person who lives in this particular home. Many people don’t realize that they are jumping to a conclusion about someone based solely on how their home looks from the outside; it’s generally just a fleeting thought. How many times, for example, have you passed by a home in your neighborhood and assumed that the homeowner must be in a certain type of career field because of the condition of their landscaping? It’s okay, everyone does it.

With that thought in mind, what do you think your landscaping says about you? Would most people assume that you’re in a professional career field or would they question as to whether the home was abandoned or for sale? Today I want to talk about a few different ways that you can transform your landscape from blah into an architectural work of art that will leave a lasting impression on people who happen to pass by your home.


Think for a moment about the most beautifully landscaped yards in your immediate area. Can you think of any specific reasons that these certain landscapes come to mind? People are generally drawn to structure. The most impressive landscape designs are usually those that have balance and structure.

Plant Choices

Several thousand plant types thrive in a climate similar to ours here in southern California. The best options for your specific landscaping needs may vary from those used in northern California for example. The style of your home and the amount of space available for architectural landscaping determines the types of plants you should use.

Drought Resistant Plants

The Los Angeles area, and Bay area reach drought or near-drought conditions nearly every summer. Your landscaping will benefit greatly from the addition of plants that thrive through drought conditions and require little water. You can, of course, water your plants a variety of ways even through a drought, but a lot of homeowners don’t have the time required to hand water several plants each day. Drought resistant plants will help keep your landscaping looking amazing through the hottest of weather.

Create Shady Places

The creation of shady places in your landscaping results in several added benefits. Shade slows the evaporation of vital moisture from your lawn and gardens. It provides a wonderful place to sit and relax or lie on a hammock during the day without feeling as if you may melt away. Consider adding a water feature such as a small pond with fish in a shady area to brighten the area and give it life.

Regular Maintenance

No matter what you do with your landscaping, it requires regular maintenance. A lawn with grass from foundation to the edge of your property must be mowed and trimmed; a flower garden area must be weeded and maintained as needed; a water feature must be cleaned as needed. Regardless of what you do to improve your landscaping, regular maintenance is a must.

Landscape designs aren’t always easy. Some homeowners are perfectly happy planting a few flowers and calling it done. Call us any time if you’re looking for ideas on architectural landscaping that will transform the exterior of your home and increase the curb appeal. We would love the opportunity to brainstorm with you, provide a design, manage the project, or simply help you choose the right plants.