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What has meaning in our lives today? What part does Magic play in our exchange with the world around us? I believe that our gardens are where we live out the parts of our lives that have no edges, no time lines, no structure. Our gardens are where we feel free to be children again searching out wonder, mystery, delight. To see a blossom, to hear the sound of water as it dances or trickles, to breath in a scent that could never be made by man. To share, to laugh, to eat, with friends and family, late into the night, to watch as the light gently shifts from white to black. . . this is where the meaning of life exists, where magic plays like a child in the shadows compelling us to find it everywhere.

I was raised in Los Angeles during a different time. As a boy I rode with my father’s delivery men to the homes and gardens of what passes as royalty in our country, the movie stars, studio bosses, directors and king makers of Hollywood. I saw the fantasy gardens of the greats where no expense was spared in creating a sense of drama out of nothing for the select few who did the same for us up on the silver screen. I grew up and I traveled studying the great gardens of England, Italy, France and Japan. I studied first Design and then Landscape Architecture at U.C.L.A. and all the while I built gardens. Gardens for myself and for others, gardens that solved problems and gardens that just did what gardens do so easily, create beauty. Most of the time my gardens were done with an eye to saving money so I learned inexpensive solutions, a concept that I carry into the gardens I create today. I recycle what I can in every garden I create, concrete, lumber, existing plants, structures, anything that can be used again, is.

My gardens are for now, my gardens are for today, my gardens are water conscious where they need to be and my gardens are for people who don’t have the time or the money to spend a fortune keeping them up. But my gardens are other things too, they are timeless, they are compelling and they are places where memories are made.

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